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Hi! I'm Doreen

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I'm the Founder of UnFancyFitness & Just Move Health Coaching

I'm a former stressed-out control freak. And a few years ago it all sent me tailspinning into depression. In addition, my depression, anxiety and perfectionism affected the people I love and cherish. Everyday life was affected. Through it all, my workouts were the constant that got me through each day. Post-exercise lifted my mood as I experienced an accomplishment for my clients and for myself. Thank you, thank you for exercise!

But I couldn’t answer the one question that remained a dark cloud over my whole life. How can I understand and feel my own happiness? And guess what? After a few years of valuable therapy with the support of my family, the answer began to reveal itself: Accept “Good-Enough.” Finally self-acceptance. It took me over 30 years to seek help! So very, “better late than never." Exercise and therapy saved me.

We are born to move. Exercise doesn't have to be about pain and total exhaustion. Instead, think of exercise as simply more movement in our lives for both good and bad times.


Without regular exercise in my life, I wouldn't have had that one nudge in the direction that transformed me from hopeless to a life worth living.

Michelle N, OR

Love Doreen’s fitness class. She always sneaks in balance when lifting and we all know how important that is. The convenience and benefits of a great work out from home can’t be beat. Thank you Unfancy Fitness!

Marti S, FL

When I have a not-so-good day or week, I just need to work off some steam or not have to think about other stuff. I can do that in Doreen's classes. and in my walks. My workouts with UnFancyFitness and walks are my time devoted to me." 

Betty W, VA

"I started using weights with Doreen in her livestream classes. Ever since last year, I feel much stronger and have a lot more confidence in myself because I'm committed to working out for my own health. Thank you so much, Doreen. I couldn't have done it without you!"

Just Move With Me

Private Health Coaching

Stress, school, work, family, schedule. Stress!! It’s your life.  Will you find time to make it healthier?  Are you focusing on sustainable ways to eat and exercise? How can you feel satisfied and confident about your overall wellness when you aren't making time for you? Are you ready to make one of the most important decisions of your life?


The decision to exercise regularly brings strength to your body and peace to your mind.

My personal health coaching is compassionate and empowering. I’m here to listen to you and guide you with simple approaches to incorporate fitness into the spaces of your day.  To teach you how to move efficiently when you do exercise.  Finally, to remind you that you were born to be real, not perfect. Enjoy the exercise that fits your time, body and mind.


We Work Together To:

  • Establish your health & fitness goals to create a simplified no-nonsense plan

  • Discover how to implement fitness into your life

  • Develop new and sensible exercise habits that are convenient, effective and efficient

  • Reset your mindset when it comes to your own personal fitness

  • Overcome common health issues and ailments so that you move more specifically for your own needs

  • Determine your road blocks (crazy schedule, unnecessary appointments. stress, low confidence) and help treat the root cause of being sedentary or other poor health habits.

I Specialize in:

  • Integrating movement into your lifestyle with fitness programs that you can stick to for good to help you deal with stress, anxiety, depression and lack of motivation

  • Movement for all bodies

  • Strength classes using weights at home helping to build more muscle as we age

  • Using more movement throughout the day to help relieve mood swings and anxiety

Livestream Classes

Welcome to UnFancyFitness and Just Move Health Coaching.  My class environment is fun, supportive and stress-free.


I have over 25 years of education & experience in group exercise, yoga, group cycle, modern dance, ballet and more including personal training and health coaching.


Subscribe now  to our growing fitness community. I would love to meet you! 

Videos Anytime Anywhere

You're ready to move and you need the convenience of exercise on your own time. 

Choose from hundreds of videos on demand:

  • Body Power (no equipment)

  • Fierce: Cardio & Weights (30 & 50 minutes)

  • Strong: Mind-Body-Weights (20, 30 and 50 minutes)

  • Barre 360: (barre inspired cardio & weights- great for beginners)

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