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Coaching with Credentials, Experience & Compassion

So glad you’re here!

For almost 30 years, I’ve been committed to my clients and grateful to have built lots of fitness relationships. Here’s my background:

  • Master of Arts – Dance/Performing Arts from American University

  • BA – Speech Communication – Bridgewater State University

  • ACE® – Certified Health Coach

  • AFAA™ – Personal Trainer

  • Certified Spinning® Instructor

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

  • Owner – Yoga & Motion, Inc (Teaching classes for children to seniors virtually and in-person)

  • PE Adjunct – Northern Virginia Community College

  • Dance Coach / Modern & Ballet

Every credential from dance education to yoga teacher you can surely see, I’m passionate about fitness! I love, love to move, move and discovered (during stay-at-home Coronavirus time) our best workouts CAN be achieved at home!

So here’s the journey.

  • As your health coach, I'll listen to your concerns about how overwhelming it can be to get started with exercise because you're tired, busy and don't have all the energy or free time to head to the gym.

  • I'll listen with compassion to your roadblocks and concerns about increasing your movement throughout the day - just starting to be more mindful about movement will help you get started. Just Move more as your find the exercise that you love and that works for you.

  • Teaching workouts from my home to yours – convenient and effective on the fitness platform Recess. Check out my studio (Optional - this is one way to move if YOU choose - I can show you so many more)

  • Sharing my experienced fitness insights with the realization that we are born to be real not perfect

  • Celebrating and appreciating UnFancyFitness people!!!

  • Just Move more and feel confident, content with your health and feel better. "Exercise is a good life enhancer."

There. I said it. And you can too.

I’m a lifelong learner of exercise science and healthy eating. Yes! I’m personally disciplined in uncomplicated healthy-lifestyle living. No photos of bikini bods, chiseled abs and perky boobs & butts! Instead, useful, resourceful and insightful information for you to realistically begin or to continue on your mental health and physical fitness journey. If you decide to work on your health, your body and mind will need attention.

I promise to seek-out trusted resources to further my expertise in fitness and I look forward to this next chapter of health coaching in my life and in yours!

Be Well,



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